Leaf Lasso
 Happy Go Leafy Products Inc. patent pending 2011




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in the photos below you can see how easy it is it insert and change the bags as necessary
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Emptying the Lawn Mower?

Paper Shredder?

Cleaning your basement?

Have a pile of sawdust?

Leaf Lasso  is a two part frame which easily snaps apart. When opened, a trash bag is inserted in between the frames and it remains open and rigid while cleaning. A dustpan edge is integrated into the outer frame allowing small particles such as sawdust to be swept up easily. In addition, stakes are available to anchor the Leaf Lasso into the ground when cleaning outside. 

Although named for 'leaf' clean-up, the Lasso can also be used for many other cleaning tasks.

In these photos, see the Leaf Lasso in use for basements, garages, sports equipment, church and school cafeterias, shredders and lawn mower bags.: